If you’re wondering how to make hazel eyes stand out, you’re in for a treat! You’ve undoubtedly seen a lot of videos and read a lot of fashion magazines that promise there are certain palettes of makeup colours that will make your eyes pop. Keep in mind that hazel eyes sometimes include specks of different hues, which you may employ to your advantage. Using various cosmetic colours is a great technique to bring these colours out.

Check out the 6 best eye makeup options for hazel eyes that will make them sparkle and you look stunning!

What Are The Best Eyeshadow Makeup For Hazel Eyes

I’ve created a list of the 6 finest Eyeshadow Makeup to make your hazel eyes shine and flatter. Check them out!

#1. Green & Pink Simple Cat Eye Makeup

Green & Pink Simple Cat Eye Makeup

A little flip may make a big difference. When you don’t have time but yet want to make your eyes stand out, wing out that eyeliner and you’re set to go. I realise how difficult it may be to do your makeup in a hurry. A green & pink simple cat eye makeup will give the impression that you made an effort.

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#2. Makeup for Classic Black Smokey Eyes

Makeup for Classic Black Smokey Eyes

The traditional black smoky eye cannot and will not fail. The darkness will draw attention to the hue of your eyes. It stands out against the warm tones seen in hazel eyes.

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#3. Bronze Goddess Eye Makeup

Bronze Goddess Eye Makeup

You may seem bold and incisive by using bronze eyeshadow. It’s a fantastic look for any event, and it brings out the gold in your hazel eyes. To get this look, you’ll need eyeliner and bronze and copper eyeshadow.

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#4. Mermaid Eye Makeup Look

Mermaid Eye Makeup Look

The combination of the three colours—blue, green, and purple—is stunning. The concept of mermaids pops into our heads frequently. These hues give you a mystical appearance while emphasising your eye colour. Create a blank canvas by priming and prepping your eyelids as usual. In order to get this appearance, we must focus on the surface details first. The next stage is to use shimmery hues, as befitting a mermaid.

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#5. Purple Smokey Eye Makeup

Purple Color to Enhance Hazel Eyes

Using hues on the other side of the colour wheel from the one your eyes are naturally drawn to is a terrific way to highlight their natural hue. In the other direction on the colour wheel from hazel are purple hues. To get this style, we employed a wide range of purple, aubergine, and black tones.

#6. Black and Gold Glitter Eye Makeup

Black and Gold Glitter Eye Makeup

The contrast between gold and black is striking. The hazel eyes really stand out against the black, and the gold highlights the specks in the eyes. In addition to a grey-black colour, a pigmented gold with tiny glitter is required for this style.

Best Eyeshadows Palette for Hazel Eyes

Although hazel eyes are lovely on their own, using exquisite eyeshadows to highlight them and bring out their colour is a simple method to make them stand out. It’s also an effective technique to give your eyes more smouldering depth and character, something that mascara and eyeliner alone can’t provide.

You should count yourself lucky if you were born with those gorgeous hazel eyes. If you’re having trouble deciding on eyeshadow colours, just remember that your eyes are a beautiful mosaic of many hues.

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#1. Huda Beauty Obsessions Palette in Amethyst

Bring on the drama and intensity!! As previously noted, reddish tones and purples are the finest method to make those hazel colours shine, girls. So, whether they seem greener one day or more golden the next, you’re covered on both fronts with this palette!

These nine handpicked shades provide exceptional pigmentation, colour payoff, and all-day wear! It includes a range of red-based and purple tints, ranging from pink to plum, maroon, berry tones, and a stunning violet purple; be assured, all of these will look stunning on hazel eyes!

#2. Mothership VII Eyeshadow Palette – Divine Rose Collection

If you want something more romantic and gentler in terms of eyeshadow colours, you could definitely try the exquisite rose collection palette! It offers a wonderful selection of warm neutrals and metallics that work well for a daytime look, similar to the previous palette.

#3. Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyeshadow Palette in Rebel

Make your hazel eyes seem ferocious, dazzling, and goddess-like golden! The Rebel palette has gold, olive, and khaki-bronzy tones that are absolutely suited for hazel eyes! It’s also known as “Green Lights” or “The Rebel.”

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#4. Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette Pillow Talk Dreams

This Charlotte Tilbury palette is the ideal way to add warmth and spark to your hazel eyes! It also happens to be pretty universally flattering in terms of skin tones, which is a plus.

Combining four rosy-toned eyeshadows is a great option if you want to try something red but not go overboard! In fact, if you’re not ready to go stronger with red tones, this is definitely your best choice.

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#5. Huda Beauty Obsessions Emerald Eye Palette

Ready to add some fun, whimsical brilliance to your eye makeup regimen while also harmonising and accentuating your hazel hues? With this gorgeous green palette, you can create as many majestic looks as you like!!

It includes 9 easy-to-blend shadows with incredible colour payoff! From mint to emerald to olive, these eyeshadows will bring out the beautiful green tones in your hazel eyes!

This palette, like the Huda Beauty amethyst palette, offers both mattes and shimmers for great wearability! And, of course, the glimmery gold and glittering golden-green shadow will brighten your eyes while calling attention to the golden flecks in your iris.

What Are the Best Eyeshadow Colors for Hazel Eyes?

As a makeup artist, one common problem I’ve heard from clients is not understanding what makeup colours would look nice on them, especially when it comes to eye makeup. So, to assist all of you ladies with hazel eyes, here are some colour-based makeup selection recommendations!

Embracing the Warm Neutrals

As someone with hazel eyes, I’ve always been drawn to warm neutrals like brown, beige, and taupe. These colors complement the green and brown tones in my eyes, making them stand out even more. For daytime looks, I often go for matte shades, while at night, I might choose shimmering or metallic finishes. Here are my top warm neutral picks:

  • Soft Brown: A versatile shade that works well for everyday wear, it helps define my crease and adds depth to my eyes.
  • Warm Taupe: This eyeshadow color is perfect for adding a smoky effect to my hazel eye makeup, especially when paired with darker shades.
  • Champagne: A shimmery champagne is my go-to for highlighting the inner corners of my eyes, making them appear larger and more awake.

Experimenting with Jewel Tones

For special occasions or when I feel like adding a pop of color to my makeup, I’ve found that jewel tones like emerald green, deep purple, and rich gold work wonders on my hazel eyes. These shades not only make my eyes appear brighter but also bring out the various colors in my irises. Some of my favorites include:

  • Emerald Green Eyeshadow For Hazel Eyes: This Green color intensifies the green tones in my hazel eyes, making them look even more striking.
  • Deep Purple Eyeshadow For Hazel Eyes: A rich purple shade helps to emphasize the brown hues in my eyes, adding depth and intrigue to my eye makeup.
  • Rich Gold Eyeshadow For Hazel Eyes: A touch of gold on the center of my lids adds a beautiful sparkle and brings out the gold flecks in my eyes.

Playing with Gray and Silver

I’ve also learned that incorporating gray and silver shades into my eye makeup can create a stunning effect. These cool-toned colors provide a beautiful contrast against the warm hues in my hazel eyes, making them appear more vibrant. I particularly love:

  • Charcoal Gray: A deep gray shade works well for creating a smoky eye look that accentuates the unique colors in my hazel eyes.
  • Soft Silver: A subtle silver shade is perfect for adding a touch of shimmer to my eyelids, making my eyes stand out even more.

Highlighting Eyeshadow with Peach and Coral

I’ve discovered that using peach and coral shades can help brighten my eyes and add a touch of warmth to my overall makeup look. These colors work well on the lids or as transition shades in the crease. My top choices for these tones are:

  • Peachy Pink: A soft, peachy-pink shade adds a lovely, warm glow to my eyelids, creating an eye-opening effect.
  • Coral: A deeper coral tone works beautifully as a transition shade in the crease, adding warmth and dimension to my eye makeup.

Femina Thought

Beauties, I hope you enjoyed today’s cosmetics tips and recommendations! You can’t go wrong with any of these eyeshadows, whether you want to bring out the natural beauty of your hazel eyes or amp up the drama with some contrasting colours!

Give them a go and tell us what you think!

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